Can anyone truly care for someone else, or is a relationship about what one person can get from the other?

He married her because of her ambition and for her kindness.  There wasn’t a long engagement since she was everything he had ever hoped for…

He also had ambition and prototypes of a new technology that he shared with everyone he knew for longer than 15 minutes.  He was naive, happy and positive.  He knew that his creations would eventually be extremely profitable so he decided at an early stage that he wanted to meet the right woman before his success. That way, he would always know that she loved him for him…and not for the financial rewards she would receive.


Looking back on their history he can now see the telltale signs of where things went wrong.  He told me that it was in the beginning, not taking the time to really know each other or (to) build a friendship together.  She was attractive and driven, and that was all he wanted back then.


Things went on for a number of years as they worked alongside each other building their lives together.  They were happy and she became very successful in her field.  His project was extremely large so it took longer to finish.  He felt the relationship was more important than his endeavor so he put things on the back burner while he enjoyed their life together.


As time went on she needed to put endless hours into her new company. Many times not coming home until after midnight, her ambitions began to weigh on their relationship. Most weeks over the years, they never spent more than 10 waking hours together.


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